Our Collection

Over 1600 unique works created by artists who contribute to raise awareness on the theme of creativity as a tool for social change and to spread the culture of sharing and giving.

A source of inspiration

In more than 15 years of activity we have built a collection of ‘art notebooks’, unique pieces of work created by different authors and thinkers on Moleskine notebooks and donated to the Foundation to help support its activities.

“I think people who are confronted with art should be a bit freer to think about themselves. And someone who is free is willing to transform their society.”

Simon Njami, AtWork advisor and co-creator

Collection Creativity Relay

The collection reflects the variety, wealth and complexity of contemporary creative thinking, through the largest collection of author notebooks of our time. It gathers the contributions of artists, designers, architects, musicians, filmmakers, illustrators, intellectuals and philosophers, who – page after page – have filled notebooks with thoughts, sketches, images, often turning them into artifacts completely different from the original.  The notebook is the device, the limit, the origin. The Foundation is committed to showcasing the collection at international art events, festivals, exhibitions, and Biennales to give as much visibility to the artists as possible and, at the same time, to sustain fundraising initiatives. 

The AtWorkers’ Notebooks

The Collection has a unique educational value, since it is a starting point of reflection and inspiration for the young people from the underprivileged communities all over the world who are the beneficiaries of our unconventional educational program AtWork. AtWork unlocks the creative potential of young people from marginalised communities, through critical thinking, growing their sense of self-awareness and self-confidence, and stimulating their changemaking attitude. The AtWorkers’ notebooks are the creative expression of the personal transformation of each participant after the 5- day workshop, and they enter the Collection alongside the established authors.  This horizontal and non-hierarchical philosophy characterizes our overall approach to creativity and education.

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